Corporate Brand and Visual Identity

Year: 2021

Client: Chic and Unique

Chic and Unique owns, develops and manages luxury, heritage hospitality assets. Property portfolio of Chic & Unique is as manifold as 9-bedroom, 1909-built liberty-style Villa Peduzzi above Lake Como with breath-catching views of corrugated green-cloaked hills to Muirfield Gate mansion which is stones-throw from the first tee of Muirfield, birthplace of golf and home of The Open.

Normal developed the new corporate brand identity to envelope distinct yet heterogeneous estates by drawing upon the ownership’s vision for creating exceptional and immersive experiences in heritage destinations. New brand proposition – Creator of Transformation – was developed and with that the new identity ‘Creative Leap’ was born.

Complete refresh of visual identity was necessary and Normal collaborated with Maison Sagan, Paris and Miami based creatives, for a new creative strategy and art direction.

Brand Identity

Normal undertakes a deeply collaborative process with its client to articulate who we are, what we are about and why we exist to find the brand’s expression and voice. In our path to discovering brand identity, we bring together key stakeholders for ‘Purpose’ and ‘Pointing North’ workshops.

Brand Architecture

Chic and Unique property portfolio is diverse and has plans for additional development and management in Cotswold, Sri Lanka and Bali. One important complexity in this project was in seeking a ‘system’ for the corporate brand to incorporate and endorse vastly different and individual characters and identities of properties. The common brand proposition for all properties – Creator of Transformation – was determined as essential ingredient of the brand endorsement strategy.

Corporate and Visual Identity

A new corporate identity – Creative Leap – was imagined to manifest the brand’s purpose and proposition. Alongside, complete refresh of visual identity was necessary and Normal collaborated with Maison Sagan, Paris and Miami based creatives for creative strategy and art direction.

Envisioning the future is a never-ending obligation that requires us to be fully alive in the present as well as conjuring up the past.               

Jean Nouvel on Modernity

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