Normal is perfect imperfections, unfinished finishes, accepting things for what they are and embracing the everyday. This site documents various creative projects – from hospitality to design to purpose – of the founder of Normal, Jinou Park. It also serves as a journal for likeminded folk whose hearts beat at understated artisanal excellence, joyed by a ray of light reflected on simple concrete surface and whose main decision in purchasing a shirt is on how the buttons are stitched. Ultimately, Normal is a vessel which permits the founder’s purpose in life to align with his work.

Jinou Park brings 20+ years of experience in leading global brands from Disney, Hilton and InterContinenal Hotels. Immediately prior to launching Normal, Jinou was Asia Pacific leader of Design Hotels AG, hand-selected curation of 300+ privately owned and operated hotels globally.

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Suite 1404 Tung Wai Commercial Bldg., 109-111 Gloucester Rd., Wanchai, Hong Kong

#701 Harrington Tower, Pangyoyuk-ro 192-22, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

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