Brand Identity

Year: 2023

Client: ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel, India

Skills India 4.0 (name TBC, upon regulatory approval) is a new engineering and technology higher education institute with the ambitious mission to be the new educational model for developing future-ready technology workforce and catalyst for “Make In India” initiative. Its founding partners are ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel and Sanskardam Foundation. The university is located in Ahmedabad, India and its first year of enrolment is 2023.

Education sector branding is an uncharted territory for us but we found the courage to get involved on account of the close alignment in the institute’s and Normal’s purpose: creating a brand and an experience based on timeless wisdom – in this case an ancient Indian one – and finding a modern and global expression for it.

In creating the university’s Brand Identity, Normal . took on the unique challenge of creating differentiation in the incredibly crowded and competitive technology higher learning landscape of India. In solving for this problem, we drew inspiration directly from the two main stakeholders’ purposes (challenging balancing act in its own) and crystallised brand storytelling through the lens of the audacious and future-oriented Indian youth’s mindset, which we called Pathfinder. We then developed Brand Proposition that addresses the aspirations of these future technology leaders who are launching themselves into a pioneering life path. We named this Brand Proposition – We inspire Humane Capital.

The Brand Identity developed by Normal . formed the input to Interbrand, the renowned Brand Strategy firm, in developing the name and visual identity of the university.

A new mindset -Pathfinder

We call our audacious and future-oriented Indian youth, Pathfinder.

She wants to belong in a mould-breaking program that fuses timeless wisdom and reimagined engineering training, all the while creating her own campus experience. 

Her school choice reflects this mindset and pursues engineering and technology education in a pioneering curriculum design to transform herself to be a future technology leader.

Brand Proposition -We inspire Humane Capital

India’s technology education landscape is challenged from a disconnect between what the industry needs and what the rigid and siloed education system produces. Still, in addition to technical skills, students’ imagination, creativity, empathy – utterly human capital – is the key to unlocking innovations and potential they need to thrive in complex, interconnected world of the future. 

In finding the core essence of the brand that reimagines the educational system through nurturing knowledge, attributes, skills, experience and health of the group, we arrived at We inspire Humane Capital as The Big Idea of the brand.

Name and Visual Identity

Normal . partnered with Interbrand, the renowned Brand Strategy firm, in creating the name and visual identity.

I had thought the destination was what was important, but it turned out it was the journey

Clayton M. Christensen, in Disruptive Innovation

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