Watching In the mood for love on New Year’s eve

It is level 3 in Seoul which means restaurants are only open for take-out and entertainment is all but nil. So when I found out that movie theaters were open (with capacity limits) on New Year’s eve, that’s how I was going to spend the evening in this oddest of the odd years. I wasContinue reading “Watching In the mood for love on New Year’s eve”

Loving (Kim Hwan-gi) in the time of pandemic 

The Pandemic reduced my mobility to a radius of inches, not hrs in flight time.  Greatest challenge I had to endure is the oppression of the mundane.  Groundhog Day in this uninspiring Punxsutawney urban living in Seoul (since lockdown in Singapore I left to Seoul, first to maternal comforts of three hot meals during 2-weekContinue reading “Loving (Kim Hwan-gi) in the time of pandemic¬†“

Museo del Novecento Milano (& Ristorante Giacomo Arengario)

How does one who is terrified of large crowd enjoy what is arguably the most touristy destination in the city of Milan?  Museo 900 (Novencento) was my answer to the unhindered, spitting distance view of Milano Duomo without the hassle that you normally endure. Novencento is a museum of 20th century Italian art right at the footContinue reading “Museo del Novecento Milano (& Ristorante Giacomo Arengario)”