Descent into baloney we must fix

Focus must be on less but better luxury: how companies can be purpose driven themselves and in turn help travellers live sustainable lives. Bali, Indonesia / Covid-19 / Sustainable living Boisterous bullfrogs wake me up earlier than usual. They’ve been going literally since three in the morning, went on for 30 minutes, stopped and startedContinue reading “Descent into baloney we must fix”

On travelling while Covid

Belitung and Bali / Covid-19 / Quarantine Familiar hubbub greets me, although today it feels a little awkward as it has been months since my last routine. Flight crew performs their usual and soothing benedictions while the plane taxis on the runway in snail speed, flanked by permanently idling planes on either side. The wingsContinue reading “On travelling while Covid”

On eating wholesome – sattvic diet (plus recipe)

Food and beverage / Sustainable living If there is one thing that this Upside-Down-tragedy gave than took, it is my new found energy to peruse recipes I learned over the years and kick my hindside back to the stove. True, YouTube helped.  So did Jamie Oliver’s army of mignons that dominate search rankings for anyContinue reading “On eating wholesome – sattvic diet (plus recipe)”

Watching In the mood for love on New Year’s eve

Arthouse cinema / Hong Kong / Current affairs It is level 3 in Seoul which means restaurants are only open for take-out and entertainment is all but nil. So when I found out that movie theaters were open (with capacity limits) on New Year’s eve, that’s how I was going to spend the evening inContinue reading “Watching In the mood for love on New Year’s eve”

Year of the Covid holiday gift ideas 

Holiday season 2020 It’s that time of the year when everyone including editors and contributors of magazines and newspapers dispense their seasonal wish-lists.  Normal’s proprietor is shamelessly no exception so I’m having a go at my own rendition but hopefully of a conscious kind appropriate in this time of anguish.  Frankly I wasn’t expecting toContinue reading “Year of the Covid holiday gift ideas “

Cities, profit from this

COVID-19 / On cities As I write this story I glance down from my perch in Seoul. On this particularly crisp October morning I was enjoying a cup of Fall Blend on the terrace of a coworking café. Groups of young men dressed in the sharp, telltale style of consultants in their first year onContinue reading “Cities, profit from this”

Loving (Kim Hwan-gi) in the time of pandemic 

Seoul / Modern Art / Semi-abstract Acrylic The Pandemic reduced my mobility to a radius of inches, not hrs in flight time.  Greatest challenge I had to endure is the oppression of the mundane.  Groundhog Day in this uninspiring Punxsutawney urban living in Seoul (since lockdown in Singapore I left to Seoul, first to maternalContinue reading “Loving (Kim Hwan-gi) in the time of pandemic “

K House

Southern Sri Lanka / Architecture / Holiday Home Way beyond Galle and past Ahangama and Matara in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka is K House, a secluded beach front property surrounded by lush Indian Ocean flora and open ocean views. It is where minimalist architecture of two villas effortlessly blend into nature and standContinue reading “K House”

Yakumo Saryo – in cloud eight

Tokyo / Impossibly-light Interior Design / Dining Room My taxi ride is getting longer, going deeper into nondescript residential neighbourhood.  I pass by some oppressive modernist gymnasiums of 1960 Tokyo Olympics era … and then it keeps going again. Finally I’m dropped off curb side in front of a gated residence (again nondescript) and I wonderContinue reading “Yakumo Saryo – in cloud eight”

Belitung EcoBeach and surrounding islands

Sumatra / People & Culture / Retreat When Davide (pseudonym) first made an appearance in my office with an hour notice and announced he owned one-tenth of Belitung Island and that he’s wanting advice for developing that area as socially and environmentally responsible project, I only had two questions – first, where in the heckContinue reading “Belitung EcoBeach and surrounding islands”