A conversation with Avery Whitmore, humanitarian of healing arts

Recently, the ancient practice of breathwork has gained renewed attention as a powerful tool for enhancing overall wellbeing.  Its bodily, mental and emotional benefits have been reported by the most rigorously peer-reviewed, respected medical journals.  New England Journal of Medicine found that regular slow breathing exercises improved lung function and reduced asthma symptoms while InternationalContinue reading “A conversation with Avery Whitmore, humanitarian of healing arts”

Descent into baloney we must fix

Boisterous bullfrogs wake me up earlier than usual. They’ve been going literally since three in the morning, went on for 30 minutes, stopped and started again at six, they haven’t stopped since. I am not in favor of killing them but I’d love to figure out a way to get them outta here. Yesterday, aContinue reading “Descent into baloney we must fix”